UMN Chemistry Biology Interface Training Grant

The mission of the CBITG at the University of Minnesota is to provide rigorous and interdisciplinary training to a diverse and inclusive community of biomedical scientists. The CBITG provides trainees with the skills necessary to cross traditional boundaries, think critically, and understand and conduct scientific research at the interface of chemistry and biology. Trainees will progress in their development as professional scientists in the areas of career awareness, knowledge of chemical biology, professional scientist development, rigor and reproducibility, ethical conduct of research, and appreciation of the contributions of scientists from all backgrounds.

Predoctoral trainees for this training grant program are selected from a pool of graduate students who have been recruited by the Chemistry; Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics (BMBB); and Medicinal Chemistry Departments. The program allows excellent students to grow into accomplished professionals both in their primary area of interest (e.g., synthetic/mechanistic organic and inorganic chemistry, molecular biology, mechanistic enzymology, medicinal chemistry) and in a complementary field by cross-discipline research interactions and experiences.

Recent News and Upcoming Events

The program for our next CBITG Symposium is shaping up! Mark you calendars for Friday, October 4, 2024!

Kudos to trainee Melanie Nevins for being selected as one of this year's Innovation Fellows sponsored by the Earl Bakken Medical Devices Center in the Institute for Engineering in Medicine. Melanie is being advised by Prof. Valerie Pierre. Melanie is a part of an impressive group of go-getters, including people with clinical and technical backgrounds. The Innovation Fellows Program concentrates on developing medical devices for a broad variety of clinical areas. The goal is to train the next leaders in medtech by fostering leadership and teaching risk management for medical devices. Innovation Fellows learn a disciplined medical technology product development process which includes FDA requirements, reimbursement, intellectual property and business strategies in addition to creativity techniques and prototyping. To find out more go to this LINK.

Recent Publications

Publication Outcomes 2018-2023

A) CBITG collaborative papers from 2018-present involving CBITG trainers and/or trainees. B) Departmental breakdown of the 28 papers involving more than one CBITG trainer. 

Watson-Crick Base-Pairing Requirements for ssDNA Recognition and Processing in Replication-Initiating HUH Endonucleases

Smiley, A. T.; Tompkins, K. J.; Pawlak, M. R.; Krueger, A. J.; Evans, R. L., 3rd; Shi, K.; Aihara, H.; Gordon, W. R. Watson-Crick Base-Pairing Requirements for ssDNA Recognition and Processing in Replication-Initiating HUH Endonucleases. MBio 2023, 14 (1), e0258722.

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