Flashtalk Speakers

Maxime Boneza, Smanski Lab: Embedded genetic recorder in Streptomyces to ‘listen in’ on  signals that trigger antibiotic production in soil

Scott Brody, Aldrich Lab: Activity based profiling of PLP-dependent enzymes

Max Dillenburg, Wagner Lab: Development of probes to characterize the regulation of NMDAR/MOR crosstalk by HINT1

Morgan Esler, Wilmot Lab: PqqD: A middleman in PQQ biosynthesis

Parker Flanders, Ambrose Lab: Molecular modeling of penicillin binding proteins (PBPs): structural basis for selectivity

Sheng-Yin Huang, Pierre Lab: Trivalent metal complexes for anion binding in water

Alex Hurben, Doran Lab: Insights into Parkinson’s Disease by profiling dopamine-protein adducts

Prakriti Kalra, Pomerantz Lab: PrOF NMR methods to study bromodomain-nucleosome recognition mechanisms

Samantha Kennelly, Harki Lab: Next generation catch and release DNA decoys as modulators of transcription

Kun-Hwa Lee, Seelig Lab: Exploring genetic code evolution and primordial protein functionality in the “test tube Thunderdome"

Ryan Leighton, Frontiera Lab: Raman assay for probing the activity of bacteriorhodopsin as a function of its local environment

Zoë Maxwell, Arriaga Lab: Development of a novel mass cytometry method to study protein prenylation 

Connor McDermott, Ambrose Lab: Potential geopharmaceuticals from baltic amber

Md abdullah Al Noman, Georg Lab: RAR-alpha antagonists for male contraception 

Andrew Northwick, Carlson Lab: The necessity of novel tools to study nano-bio interactions

Andrew Rajcewski, Tretyakova and Griffin Labs: Identification of non-canonical peptide variants in an Inflammatory Bowel Disease model

Serina Robinson, Wackett Lab: Machine learning-based prediction of enzyme substrate specificity

Jenna Thomforde, Tretyakova Lab: Effects of 5fC-mediated DNA protein crosslinks on replication

Kassidy Tompkins, Gordon Lab: HUH-tag Bioconjugation: specific protein-DNA covalent linkages

Ruiqin Wang, Hoye Lab: The Hexadehydro-Diels-Alder reaction

Hunter WilsonBhagi-Damodaran Lab: Expanding the substrate promiscuity and reaction scope of an iron halogenase, SyrB2

Kang Xiong-Hang, Haynes Lab: Exploring platelets response to malaria and antimalarial drugs using electrochemical techniques